Gay hookup stories reddit

gay hookup stories reddit

looks complimented before so that was really nice to hear and boosted my confidence for weeks after. People were still pissed at Ellen for kissing a woman. Oh and room service isnt open all night, so the kitchen cooks meals (like sandwiches and dessert and whatnot) and leaves them in a fridge near the front desk in case a guest checks in at like 3 in the morning and wants food. The front desk will NOT call you at an ungodly late hour, if our computer crashes and ask for your credit card information. The most recent entries: This was pulled from the top-voted posts. No, I aint shting you. Also, we had to black out all her windows, install a door with no peep hole and put 15 humidifiers in her room.

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As far as I know that was the only gay date I have been.". My mother looked out the window to check on us and saw us both dicks in the air. I can give you free water bottles, tampons, valet parking, tours, shuttle rides, reservations, dry cleaning, hell even an upgrade to a better room if you just ASK. From a r/RandomActsOfOralSex post titled, i have a very particular set of skills : Skills I have acquired over a very long career. From getting excited while watching porn together to making obscene noises, here are some of the funniest stories.

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