Electric dryer hookup

electric dryer hookup

Neutral wire (white or center wire). Otherwise, you could find yourself with a mildewy laundry room, not to mention lots of fluff particles in sex ads in Brantford the air youre breathing. If using strap terminals, make sure they are tightened.

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Allowing your dryer to operate on a heat setting will purge the line. This is not user serviceable. Remove the terminal block cover plate. An additional fitting is required to connect the 3/4 (1.9 cm) female thread end of a flexible connector to the 3/8 (1 cm) male threaded end on the dryer. Extending the leveling feet more than necessary can cause the dryer to vibrate. Connect the Y connector (A) to the brass male end of the short hose. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. This step is more of a list of stipulations, but do not skip reading it-it outlines several potential hazards you want to avoid. If you just moved into a new place with a washer and dryer hookup but no appliance, you can tell by the outlet. Community Q A Search Add New Question Question How do I change my bottom vent dryer to vent from the back? To confirm gas ignition, check the exhaust for heat. 5, insert the direct wire cable into the strain relief.