Fm tuner antenna hookup

fm tuner antenna hookup

bandwidth you'll obtain upon tuning. It's only the height that affects it (according to the height of the frequencies). How to Set Up a Polk Audio Rm6750. Run the wire to the room containing your stereo or FM radio. Question Does bending the antenna affect the strength? If you plan to use multiple horizontal dipole antennas, consider using a combiner. In some cases, this may mean threading your antenna along the top of a wall, or even running it outside. Tell us more about it?

Use each of the exposed wires at the bottom of the "T" shape to connect to each of the FM connections. Once the antenna is plugged in, angle it toward the nearest station and secure it in place if necessary.

Community Q A Search Add New Question Question How do I point my satellite dish? Click here to share your story. For example, if your antenna is supposed to be six inches per your calculations, you'll remove three inches of shielding. Ideally, you'd make the length of the lead from the antenna to the receiver a multiple of 5/8th, too Question Where can I get a 300 ohm cable? The fewer obstructions between your antenna and the nearest FM station, the stronger your signal will. 4 Arrange the speaker wire to form a "T" shape. Switch the trap off, if you want to use your antenna to pick up radio signals. 2 Gather the necessary materials. You may have to move the FM receiver in order to make this possible. You should be left with three feet of spit wire and seven feet of intact wire. It comes from ground stations. Your connections to the dipoles should go to a combiner.