Hookup in Penticton

hookup in Penticton

require prospective tenant to purchase a City of Penticton Utility Credit Reference Request at the tenants expense. Top of Page Landlords and Rental Properties For tenant properties, landlords have three options available to them when considering the utilities portion of the tenancy agreement: Require the tenant to sign on for utilities in their name; Keep the utilities in the landlord or property. Children under 16 free, family campground. Letters were mailed first in June 2016 and then again in October 2016 to residents holding a water utility account with the City.

It is extremely important when using this option that you provide a copy of the utility bill to the tenant and document on what date the bill was provided to them. If there appears to be an error on your bill, please contact our utility staff at (250) within five (5) days of receipt of your bill. Top of Page, sewer Billing Sewer Fees have moved from a property assessment and fixture-based charge on Property Taxes to a water consumption-based charge on the Utility Bill. For residential properties: The new sewer charge will be a variable amount from October March based off the monthly water consumption at the property. . Full instructions are available in the. Soft artificial turf under your feet, a dutch door and a cool breeze. .

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