Component hookup

component hookup

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To learn the location and name of each jack, see "Rear. Clean up work area and remove installation debris. Note The jacks on the TA-FE510R are shown in the following illustrations. Purchase and use optionally available cords as required.

When connecting an audio connecting cord, be sure to match the R (right) and L (left) jacks of the amplifier to the R and L jacks on the other components. Connect your newly purchased single component in one room, using only exposed wire connections. Program the DVR for the present video service at the system location, if applicable. Panel Descriptions" on page. DAT deck, mD deck, protection, power, speakers. Program the basic functions of your remote control devices. It had the specialized svideo type jack that plugged into the video card. Use the audio connecting cords supplied with each component for hooking up with the amplifier. TA-FE910R/FE710R/FE610R y AUX CD tape1/DAT EON control IN input tape1 / DA UX CD tuner phono tape2 / MD y phono tuner tape2/MD TA-FE510R/FE310R/FE210 AUX (TA-FE510R/ FE310R only) y tuner y phono tuner CD AUX tape2 / MD tape1 / DAT IN IN. I don't have nvidia anymore so I can't do a screen shot for you. Be sure to make connections firmly to prevent hum and noise.