Great moments in hookup history

great moments in hookup history

my name is Hov to thuglife to a series of DMX barks to WU-tang. 2: sketches involving Rashida Jones. Anyway, Rashida with disheveled hair the line the love contract, because youd hate to catch a beef for something you know you didnt do the fact that I always forget the second part of this sketch involves the even funnier Confidentiality Agreement kobe makes this. Sketches that had multiple parts airing at different points of the same episode (Piss on You, sex dating in Erie Reparations 2003, Pixies, etc.) are treated as one sketch, and the views of their separate parts were summed. Fisticuffs (10) On the very first episode of Chappelles Show, Dave got away with having a black, racist, blind man say : My message is simple. While the Mitsubishi commercial is pretty awesome (and shockingly dated; where YOU AT, dirty vegas? Chappelles, show s Great Moments in Hookup History. Dave has a tendency to dominate sketches, through no fault of his own, but simply because hes usually the funniest man on screen. Dont Pitch Me (9). Sorry, Ribs, but Timmy Niggar does NOT play around.

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That was a good one. Oh, Tyrone also says, My feet are strong while walking across the hot coals, which is a" I utter on a daily basis. I could also go into the segment about the gay chapter of the KKK, but its a moot point, seeing as this sketch is going against Reparations 2003. Im sorry, but Tron is easily the funniest recurring character on Chappelles Show. The Racial Draft Dave Chappelle really knew how to kick off a television season with some controversy.

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